Shipping Policy

We endeavour to ensure a seamless delivery experience for you. However, in case of unforeseen
circumstances there could be changes in shipment time and delivery.

Where do we deliver?
We’re currently delivering to all major cities across India.

What’s the usual shipment time?
The products will be shipped across India and the shipment time will be approximately 1-2 days.

What if you receive tampered package?
If the packaging of the product is tampered or damaged at the time of delivery, please reach out to us
immediately at, mentioning your order reference number with pictures. We’ll
provide an immediate resolution to the issue.

What if the shipment is delayed?
In case of a delay, please contact us on with your order reference number.
In case of lost or misplaced shipment, the issue will be resolved by the customer care team. An order
replacement or a credit note will be issued to you.